Nebari Studio


Don't Hide Your Roots

Nebari is a small recording studio just outside of Athens, Georgia. We offer anything from mixing services to full album production. Recording at Nebari is truly an all-inclusive experience. We offer housing and homemade meals, while capturing your latest musical ideas. With Levi at the helm, you can rest assured that your songs are in good hands. 

Nebari is a Japanese word that describes the roots that can be seen on the surface. You may also come across the related term tachiagari which refers to the lower part of the trunk and where the trunk widens out to join the surface roots – nebari.

Surface roots help us to see age in a tree. Young trees don’t usually have roots visible. They are all still under the soil but as the shallow surface roots grow and thicken they are likely to start to show up above soil level. The older the tree the more roots we are likely to see on the surface.


A sampling of some of songs that were brought to life at Nebari Studio.